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Soccer History

Soccer has been introduced into the world of fans in early days of the 19th century. This is the officially recognized period although many countries claim to have in their history data to prove earlier presence of soccer playing.
Maybe this can be true if we think of soccer as a way to kick one stone with the foot, as ancient people might have done at a certain point of their existence.

One of the popular stories that revolve around the soccer game in its historic appearance is from the 8th century.
The head of a certain Prince of Denmark was used a s a ball to kick around by people playing it on an improvised playground.
Another data to prove the earlier existence of the soccer is a regulation issued by King Edward III which interdicted people to play this game as it resulted often in injuries and even death.

Apart from these, the officially declared period to hold the origin of soccer is the year of 1800 in England. This game used to be played by upper classes, by the ones known as Aristocracy.
Soon after that, this game started to be played by the other social classes as well and through this new approach, soccer started to gain more and more popularity.
What attracted the poor classes to play soccer? It was the easiness of playing and the lower costs involved into being a soccer player and playing soccer as well. Fifa's Logo

It didn't take too long for this sport to find its reflection in London Football Association founded in 1836 when the first rules have been issued throughout Europe.
As a result, the professional teams have emerged all over England with football clubs affiliated to them. 1900 Olympics was the first worldwide event to host the first performance of a soccer game.
After 4 years, FIFA was created - Federation Internationale de Football Association and it has as an outcome the emergence of World Cup competitions that started to be held in 1930.

In the USA, 1913 was the year when United States Soccer Federation was founded, but in this country soccer never gained the popularity that is known to have in other countries spread around the world.
The term soccer can not be used as football as it is in other parts of the world.
American football has nothing to do with the soccer game and it had no popularity up to the seventies when it started be introduced in clubs and schools,
step by step American soccer teams started to record also good performances in international soccer games.

In 1993 MLS - Major League Soccer was created consisting of 10 teams at the beginning of its season competition in the year 1996. Nowadays the MLS comprises 16 soccer teams and it more probably extend up to 18 teams in 2011.